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Applying is simple.  Simply send your resume to You will simply receive email updates of jobs that fit your profile. Remember, we are matching your skills to the work that is needed.  Once we think you are a good fit and meet staffing needs, you will be contacted by phone for an offer.

Our recruited talent spans from general laborers, skilled practitioners to medical professionals. 

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Assembly Workers

Light  Industrial positions. ALL SHIFTS! Manufacturing and assembly of Interior & Exterior Plastics

Lighting Systems

Mechanical Assemblies

Metal Structureal Body Component

Extererior Metal Parts

Front End Modules

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How to ApplyApply by faxing resume to 313-571-3941 or emailing resume to

Office Assistant/part Time

Must be a communicator. Able to speak well on the phone offering services to clients and troubleshooting offices tasks. This is a part time position. Type: Temporary $9.00.



Detroit, MI

Required education:

High school or equivalent

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Coming Soon


What you may already know:

  • Will I be required to submit to a background check?

Yes,  a background check is a requirement of all applicants.  In some cases additional clearances may be requested, expecially for educators social workers.

  • How much notice will I receive before having to report to work?

This depends on the employer, not us or you.  In some cases you may be contacted one week prior.  In other cases you will be contacted the day before or the morning of.  You have the option of opting out of day labor options however.

  • What happens if I turn down work once I am successfully registered?

We really want humans to work in fields they like to work, so no stress when you do not accept jobs, however, once you accept you must perform the obligation.

  • Are long term and permanent positions available?

Yes, We have day to day, weekly, monthly and even pemanent positions available.

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